Friday, August 9, 2013

Diaper Rash Problem Solved!

Diaper Rash Problem Solved!

Recently I took the kids on a mini vacay to visit family. During the visit, I also decided to change some eating habits of my little one. I try my best to not allow more than a couple hours between diaper changes, but when traveling I hate to stop a van of three sleeping children to change a diaper, as I am sure all you mommas can understand. Not sure the exact cause, but she ended up with a blistering, ever growing diaper rash. I usually carry a CJ's Stick with me everywhere I go.

I enjoy the pleasant scent and hands free application it offers me. Plus it does wonders for my middle child's dry skin when it rears it's ugly head. But this was just not cutting it with this rash. I even tried regular diaper cream and Bourdox butt paste with no luck.
Then I went to the local diaper store, Country Drawers and picked up some Grandma El's diaper rash remedy and prevention cream and in a 12 hour span the redness was gone and all but healed 48 hours later! Plus it has a quaint fruity scent to boot.

I still carry a CJ's stick with me but I am now keeping the Grandma El's on hand as well!

Happy Diapering!

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