Tuesday, September 21, 2010

*CLOSED* Reusable Sandwich Bag Giveaway

The Winner is.....
Comment #3 - mhacwhitney!!!!
She said...
YAY. So happy you are giving one of these away. They are super cute! Great job mama!!! I love the one with numbers on it, good for boys and girls and I love how bright the colors are!

Guess who finally got a serger??? Yep, I had a choice between a serger and a laptop. Of course, I chose the serger. The whole wireless computer thing is way overrated anyway. :)

I've been wanting to make some reusable snack bags ever since little man started snacking on cheerios. I even bought a bunch of super cute fabric for them, but I just couldn't figure out a design. I didn't really like the idea of velcro on them. It's bad enough having a very talkative toddler in church who doesn't want to sit still. Give that toddler a bag that is closed with velcro and we'll add even more noise to the mix. I don't really care for zippers either - they break, they get stuck, and they're not the easiest thing for a toddler to open. So, I sat everything to the side for another day.

Once I got my serger, it was like all the inspiration hit me. I remembered those plastic baggies I used as a kid with the little flaps that folded over and I thought that would be a great way to close the reusable bags. Once I fold the flap down, it keeps things secure enough to toss it in the diaper bag, but it's easy enough for little man to carry around and get into. He also loves using them to carry some of his smaller toys in. They work great for sandwiches too.

They are made with either cotton or canvas and lined with unbleached muslin and measure 7" x 7". I'm planning on adding these to the store the first week in October along with some other new items, but you have a chance to win one now!

To enter:
Make sure you're a fan of Country Drawers on FB then comment on this post and tell me which snack bag is your favorite.

Leave your email address if you'd like to be contacted by email if you win.

The giveaway is open until Friday, Sept 24th, at 9am CST. The winner will be posted later that day here on the blog and on the Country Drawers FB page.

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