Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Food in a Jar with Cuppow

Have you heard about these BNTO Canning Jar Adaptors by Cuppow? They turn any canning jar into a lunch box. Genius! I've used ours for cottage cheese and fruit, carrots and ranch, salad and dressing, chips and salsa....well, you get the point.

This is what I brought for (part of) my lunch today:

A Spinach salad with strawberries and oranges and a vinaigrette dressing. It's super easy:
Just put a handful of spinach in the bottom of a wide mouth canning jar. Top with sliced strawberries and mandarin oranges. For the vinaigrette, I just mixed the following into the BNTO adaptor:  a small amount of honey with a few Tbl of rice vinegar, about a tsp of olive oil and a little salt, ginger and garlic. When it was time to eat, I just opened the canning jar lid, took out the BNTO and poured the dressing over the spinach salad. Yummy! 

Cuppow also makes drinking lids for canning jars! It's a great way to use your canning jar as a travel mug. Add a straw and it's a great to-go cup for kids!

What's nice about using canning jars is that they are easy to clean, made of heat-resistant glass, durable and inexpensive! It's so much nicer drinking out of a durable travel cup than a cheap paper or styrofoam cup. And no worries about smushed food when you use a canning jar with the BNTO adaptor instead of plastic baggies. 

BNTO and Cuppow canning jar drinking lids are now available online and in store.

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