Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ask and You Shall Receive

Do you know why we carry many of the products we have? Because YOU recommended them.

When we first opened our store, we started with products that we were familiar with. Products that we loved. As our business grew, we began listening more and more to our customers' recommendations. Best.Decision.Ever! We have discovered so many wonderful products thanks to all of you! In fact, we applied for wholesale accounts for two new brands this week that were recommended by our customers!

If there is a brand or product that you love but isn't carried at Country Drawers, let us know! Post on our Facebook page or email us at While we can't guarantee that we can add EVERY product or brand, we promise to look into each request. Who knows, your favorite product might just be the next newly added item at Country Drawers!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let's Make History!

When I first heard of The Great Cloth Diaper Change, I was thrilled that an event of this magnitude was taking place! Even with all the excitement, I just wasn't sure if we'd be able to pull something like this off in our local area. Then I thought, why the heck not!?!

My motto with life is that it never hurts to try. Just like when I decided to start Country Drawers. It was nerve-wracking and sometimes even panic-inducing wondering if anyone would even want to shop at a natural parenting store. But, I gotta say, it's worked out pretty darn good so far. We're receiving more and more local interest and our online customers are absolutely wonderful to work with! Sure, it hasn't been completely smooth sailing, but it's definitely been worth it.

So, it's time to take another plunge with The Great Cloth Diaper Change on April 23rd. We need a minimum of 25 participants (so 25 parents and 25 babies) in order to count towards the world record. While I am still a little concerned that we may not get that many participants, we're still going to have an awesome event!

We'll have SWAG bags for each participant with samples and some lucky participants will even get some full size products (diapers anyone??). And we'll even have some great sales in the store after the event.
If you don't use cloth diapers, but would still like to participate in the event, we will have a few cloth diapers on hand for parents to use during the change.

If you'd like to participate in this history making event, please RSVP over on our event page at

***Update*** We will now be collaborating with Time For Baby in Kearney! I think this is a great opportunity for both of our stores to help spread the fluff love!  So, come visit us at Time For Baby's store in Kearney on April 23rd!