Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday 12pm Deal - Leslie's Boutique Wet Bags

This hour's deal is 15% off Leslie's Boutique Wet Bags in all sizes plus free shipping. Prices start at $11.04! Use code CYBERMONDAYBAG at checkout.

Wet bags are waterproof, washable bags that make cloth diapering at home and on the go much easier. They are available in many sizes and trendy fabrics. Wet bags are easily washed with your cloth diapers.
  • Designer fabric outer
  • Water resistant inner
  • Zipper tops
  • Snap, triple-serged handles
  • Interior fleece patch for essential oils

Small: 11 x 11, holds 1-3 diapers. Perfect for quick trips and the gym!
Small Wet Dry: 9 x 9, holds 1-2 diapers with an outer pocket that will hold a few wipes, spare diaper, or a tube of diaper cream. Also great for quick trips.
Medium: 13 x 15, holds 4-6 diapers. Perfect for the diaper bag or day trips!
Medium Wet Dry: 13 x 15, holds 4-6 wet diapers with an outer pocket that will hold an additional 4-5 diapers, cloth wipes or other items.
Large: 16 x 20, holds 10-14 diapers. Great for daycare or at home storage!
Hanging Wet Bag: 15 x 30, holds up to 30 diapers. New and improved design includes single handle so that bag can remain hanging while opened and closed. Zipper is on the front of the bag for easier opening and insertion of wet diaper. Hanging design make bag great for use as an alternative to a diaper pail, especially in a tight space!
At Home Wet Dry Bag: Featuring a slender design that perfectly fits mama pads. The bag has an inside water proof pocket with sealed seams. The front pocket has the signature Leslie's pleats and expands to hold a full supply of mama cloth. The snap handle is centered on the top of the bag so that it can be easily attached to a hook or the side of a toilet paper holder for easy access. This bag can also be used for diapers. It holds 3-5 diapers with an outer pocket to hold 1-2 extra diapers, wipes or other items.


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