Monday, July 23, 2012

Surviving Summer

This morning, my husband said, "Well, at least it's only going to be 101 today." Yikes!! Something is seriously wrong with that statement!

After dealing with temperatures up to 116 degrees, I've found a few things that make these high temps a little more bearable. (Besides sitting in front of the air conditioner all day.)

Are you a gardener? Delish Naturals Be Knotty Muscle Rub is a wonderful treat for sore muscles after pulling weeds all day.

Apparently the bugs aren't bothered by the heat as we've been dealing with swarms of mosquitoes here. CJ's Bug Banisher is a life saver! My husband and father-in-law even wear it while they're out in the fields and I've been known to spray our animals with it.

My favorite part of summer is being able to wear sandals (or no shoes at all). But all that barefoot time is rough on my feet. To help combat the rough skin, I slather on some CJ's BUTTer and then put some socks on. After about an hour, my feet are soft and smooth again.

Speaking of feet, Piggy Paint Nail Polish is one of my must have accessories for summer. Non-toxic and quick drying make it a wonderful nail polish for hands and feet!

Need a quick way to cool down after a workout? Mix up a batch of Delish Naturals Wash Bits and keep it in the fridge. After your workout or a long day outside, wipe yourself down with the cold solution -instant cool down!
If you're away from home, you can keep a small bottle of the solution in a cooler along with a pack of Biodegradable Wysi Wipes. Wysi Wipes are perfect for traveling as they come in a compact 2cm wide size but turn into a 9x10 in wipe when you add water!

Another favorite of mine for summer skin is Delish Naturals Glam Glow Sugar Scrub. Besides helping moisturize and exfoliate dry skin, it also makes a great pre-shave scrub for maximum smoothness.

How are you keeping comfortable this summer?


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