Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Fun!!! RLR Laundry Treatment

Happy Friday!!! This week, we're featuring RLR Laundry Treatment.

I love this stuff! RLR Laundry Treament really helps pull out all that residue and mineral deposits that can get trapped in your diapers and clothing. Every few months, I would put our diapers in the tub with a packet of RLR Laundry Treatment and soak them anywhere from a few hours to overnight. Then, I'd run them through the wash without any detergent and rinse until the water was clear.

It helped so much with the dinginess that can happen with hard water. Even the inserts felt fluffier after an RLR soak.

To celebrate Fun Friday, use code TGIF to receive a FREE packet of RLR Laundry Treatment with any order over $15. (Make sure to add the RLR Laundry Treatment to your cart before using the code).

Because I'm late posting this, the code will be valid through tomorrow.


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